Kathmandu to Madrid-Barajas

Here are some photos of my flight from Kathmandu, Nepal heading west to Madrid-Barajas. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Loading up at International Apron Bay 4.

Pushing back from Apron Bay 4, getting ready to taxi to runway 02 at Kathmandu.

Early night departure on runway 02.

Turning west from Kathmandu heading to Madrid-Barajas.

Climbing to 38,000ft with the beautiful Mount Everest in the background.

Early sunrise over Turkmenistan in Central Asia.

Flying over Mount Elbrus between the Russian and Georgia border.

Landing on runway 32R at Madrid-Barajas.

Parked at Terminal 4S, Gate 556.

Overview shot of aircrafts waiting to depart on runway 36R at Madrid-Barajas.

Flight Time: 9 hours and 12 minutes.
Boeing 777-300er, Qatar Airways.
Crusing Altitude: 38,000ft.
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Nice route!

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Lovely photos! Lowkey looking forward to look at the new 22.4 features when I come back from vacation 👀.

Nice photos, but why would you use Qatar instead Iberia?

Those shots are great ! :)

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Does Iberia fly to Kathmandu?

No they don’t, but Qatar flies to Doha, not Madrid. Using an Iberia plane would make more sense, since they are based out of Madrid.


Actually Qatar Airways do fly to Madrid. I was trying to find an Airline that fly’s out of Kathmandu since the recent Infinite flight update.

But you would have to go via Doha would you not? I could not find a direct flight when I was looking

That is true. But I want to depart out of Kathmandu since it got 3D buildings in the 22.4 update. If their was an Airline livery that directly flown out of Kathmandu to Madrid I would have chosen it. But Qatar Airways was the one that best fit what I needed for this particular flight.

You could’ve used the Turkish A330-300, which flys to Istanbul. Kathmandu to Madrid isn’t really realistic.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really do realistic flights. The way I do my flights is I would choose a region that I have not flown to, and get some screenshots of places that have some amazing scenery. An example of this was my flight from Moscow Domodedovo to Tokyo Intl.

I guess you have a point, unrealistic flights can be okay.

We are not auguring were just having a civil conversation. I can understand the need for some realism, but sometimes it would be better to do something random.

Ah fair enough, it was not really me saying it was not realistic, just making sure there was not a flight I was unaware of haha

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