Kathmandu to Lukla

Finally made a flight from VNKT(Kathmandu tribhuvan) to VNLK(tenzing lukla) or better known as base camp to mt Everest. after about 100 tries finding the correct approach and elevation into the valley.
Thanks @jakcharvat for suggesting this airport. wanted to do on C208. but for the time being SR22 will do. To everyone do fly this route once. heres the clip


In future, I’d recommend posting your videos in somewhere like here, instead of creating a whole new topic for it

I will add your your YouTube channel to the Community YouTube channel list

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I’m pretty sure Lukla is base camp. If anything it’s Kathmandu to Base Camp


I saw you. I was dearting out of Paro heading for an arrival of the worlds 2nd highest airport, we cant fly to the 1st highest atm as its not been made in IF

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@George_Flack you were in citationX right…?

First of all, nice video!

You took some really dangerous maneuvers while flying! First, You missed a peak of a mountain of what seemed a millimeter. Great job on adjusting that altitude. And second, You almost crashed into the side of a few of those mountains! You changed the heading just in time though!

You described it as hard and that it took 100 tries for You to get the correct approach. I’m definetly accepting this challenge and will try this route out as soon as I get global!

yes particularly with no terrain on map. it was very difficult to find a way into the valley that leads you to lukla. and the correct altitude. i’ve to study the complete geography of the area to figure out the right altitude and then also just timing you descend into lukla correct. and you can check real pilot landings at lukla at YouTube. this is the only way into it. you have to get close to those peaks. and anyway i was well over 500ft AGL at any given time in my flight. with HUD cam it looks close. as it was bit zoomed in sometime.
But do try this route its very scenic and one of the most dangerous airport in the world. :)

Ah, well that’s very true. To see the scene is worth the risk and, since this is a flight simulator, DEFINITELY.

Also, what did You use to record Your video of the journey?

and yes 100 tries. first 10-20 flights you will get lost in the mountains. :) then next 10 troes you’ll find yourself too high to land at the airport. and this airport is a one way traffic. you miss the approach you crash. there is no room to go around. the next problem for 10more flight will come from this small propeller plane. as the runway is very small. ypu have to make sure you make the touch down marker. or you’ll not stop on time. and these small aircraft just dont pick speed once you go bellow 70 with full flaps. again some crashing there. i was furious that i’ve to make a landing there. :)

infinite flight has an inbuilt screen recorder.

Oh, I forgot about the internal screen recorder. That didn’t work for me a few months ago, that’s the reason that I might’ve forgotten.

Also, thanks for Your tips. This route is definitely on my Infinite Flight bucket list.