Kathmandu to Kathmandu via Paro

Yesterday I was able to do a flight from Kathmandu to Paro and back, from 17:05 to 19:19 Zulu in the airbus A318.

  1. Parked at the gate with at Kathmandu with @David_ZGGG and @CameronH21.

  2. Lift off out of Kathmandu headed to Paro.

  3. Cruising near the Himalayan Mountains.

4.Descending into the valley where Paro International is located

  1. Touchdown at Paro.

  2. Parked at the gate with @ CameronH21

7.Accelerating out of Paro with @ DAVID_ZGGG in the background

8.Back at cruise with a scenic picture of the mountains.

  1. Touchdown back at Kathmandu

  2. Finally a moon shot to end.

If you do not want to be tagged please let me know, so that I could avoid it in the future, Thanks for viewing!


Great shots! I failed in the A318 so I had to come back in the 757 😬. But a huge shoutout to @Louverture.EU who controlled Paro for over 3 hours!


Thanks! For me I haven t practiced landing much on the 757, so I used the a318 which seems to be easier for me lol. And yeah, thanks @Louverture.EU for controlling!