Kathmandu to Dubai Intl

Hey everyone, here is my second time departing out of Kathmandu heading to Dubai Intl. Here are some spectacular photos of my 3 hour and 47 minute flight in the a340-600.

Flight Time: 3 hours and 47 minutes.
Airbus A340-600, Qatar Airways.
Crusing Altitude 38,000ft.
Expert Sever.

Parked at tge International Apron Bay 4.

Early morning departure on runway 20 at Kathmandu.

Heading west to Dubai Intl.

Climbing to 38,000ft.

Flying over New Delhi, Northern India.

Decent from the west into Abu Dubai.

Flying over Dubai Intl entering on downwind to runway 12L.

Final Approach to runway 12L with low visiblity.

Landing on runway 12L at Dubai Intl.

Parked at Concourse B, gate F25.


very good, im flying from dubai right now lol

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Safe travels. Also make sure to butter the landing.

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yes im will even though im casual server

I love how big the engines are compared to the wing, it makes it look so disproportionate! Also very hard to flare on this aircraft with full flaps, the most I can ever use on this is Flaps 3

You got to love the A340 that was one of my favorite Aircrafts

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Awesome pictures and the flight choice! Although A333 operates IRL, B788 could be a better choice but it doesn’t matter anyway.

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Lovely photos!

Even though it is the wrong airline, nice photos! IRL Emirates uses the B777W

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