Kathmandu Runway 20 Final Approach (Solo)

When you spawn at Kathmandu Runway 20 final approach on solo, you spawn in a mountain. When you try to get out of the mountain by going straight ahead at the end of the mountain, It says you crashed. If this could be fixed to at least above the mountain or ahead of the mountain.


Hi! Unfortunately this does happen in mountainous airports as the spawning position is default and is the same as all airports. I am not sure if this would be a quick fix, as the accurate position maybe different at a lot of airports. Sorry for any inconvenience caused :/

Unfortunately, we cant do much. Its not a bug. Even Lukla airport is like this

Yeah. I assume you were trying out the approach to these challenging airports? If so I would recommend flying from a nearby airport. if you would like to try Lukla spawn at: i.e. VNKT
If you would like to try Kathmandu spawn at: i.e. VNLK

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