Kathmandu - Paro

Today, I made my first expert flight Kathmandu - Paro
Aircraft: A320
Airline: Indigo
Flight time: 30 minutes
Altitude: 30,000ft

Parked at the gate with @nOthing2seehere

Taking off Kathmandu

Uploading: 6ED72B8D-BA67-4BBA-AE9B-EA06E2276660.jpeg…

Flying over the beautiful Himalayas

Flying close to the mountains edge😨

Going Around

Very dangerous approach

Hard landing at Paro

Parked at the gate

Sadly @nOthing2seehere had to go
Thanks for viewing these pics


Cool photos!!

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very bold of you to this flight first on the expert server

The approach was real challenging lol

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Tbh I thought you were gonna crash cuz u crashed on the lord Howe island.

I think that was because he was in a Q400 that planes handling is not great at all

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