Kathmandu - Paro with Errigal

Hello! These are some pictures from a very fun flight that I did with @Errigal, on the Expert server! The route was from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu (ICAO: VNKT) to the city of Paro, in Buhtan (ICAO: VQPR). My favorite part of the flight was definitely the approach into Paro. Surrounded by mountains, it truly is spectacular. Weaving around the valley, avoiding terrain, and then finally the infamous final approach. Due to hills, and mountains, Paro requires last second turns to align with the runway. If you haven’t tried landing at Paro, I highly recommend it. But you didn’t come here for commentary, you came for photos! Enjoy!

Aircraft: A320
Server: Expert

Getting the electrical systems alive at Kathmandu

@Errigal leading me to the runway

Imagine the Buhtan Airlines livery on this

Goodbye Kathmandu

Cruising level with the stunning Himalayas

Entering the valley that holds our destination, Paro

Short final, but still not aligned with the runway

A last second turn that is necessary to land safely

Errigal decided to try the other side of the runway, which forced him to do a much later, and steeper turn

Ending how we started

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Let me know which was your favorite!

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Here’s a video that I uploaded to YouTube recapping the flight:

Kathmandu to Paro


Great shots I went to 15 because I thought we were doing it.

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Great photos! Wish I could fly like that!😂

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