KASE tonight (Advanced) [CLOSED]

All at Advanced KASE tonight, please be advised we are using runway 15 for inbounds, 33 for outbounds… Delays are possible, and if you take off, please immediately fly at an angle to the runway to avoid incoming traffic. Thanks…

Also, no planes above a 737 please


Please specify the server

It isn’t really bad I just departed there with a slight delay

Traffic is getting heavier, be advised of delays taking off…

Also please leave spaces at runway entrances for exiting traffic

today KASE ATC service was worse. Especially Tower, I was waiting for departure at runway33. There was a lot of traffic waiting for take off. So I request departure at the 2nd holding position. And my back traffic request at the 1st holding position. I thought I will make a departure first because I request departure first but Tower allowed my back traffic to departure first. I know that it’s not a proper way to control aircraft like that.

Sorry you had a poor experience Tommy. I know they were working hard to make the experience enjoyable for all. Maybe cut them a bit of slack. It’s a tough job for us controllers but we’re striving to improve every day!



If there is a line of traffic, please don’t request intersecting departures. Wait in line like everyone else.



Sorry that you were annoyed with KASE… Unfortunately, traffic there became a nightmare when approach left and multiple inbounds converged on runway 15. I was informed that outbound traffic uses runway 33 and inbound traffic uses runway 15. This created a situation where outbound traffic had to wait for a long time to allow multiple landings of planes spaced close together. I tried getting people out as fast as possible, but with multiple uncooperative inbounds, I had few options. That being said, I probably should have ghosted more people who were not following directions when landing. There is a fine line between not understanding directions and not following them, and ghosting is a decision I am still getting used to. I’m still learning, and nobody is perfect. Tonight at Aspen there was a lot of overflow traffic, and I learned a lot that will help me improve. Again to you (and all others at KASE tonight) I’m sorry that my performance might not have been on par with what you have been used to. However, pilots and controllers need to work together, and pilots should obey all tower commands. I was disappointed in the number of planes that would not listen to my directions the first time. Sorry about the long-winded message, but I wanted to make sure you understood what was going on…


Still open?!

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