KASE strange departing landing procs

When i fly on IF i listen to real time ATC, i am currently flying from KPHX TO KASE. @KASE the winds are 330/4 yet you land on rwy 15 and TO at rwy 33. strange but cool.

It’s due to terrain, I’m pretty sure


There’s been a TFR active at KASE and KEGE since the days before global flight was a thing.

As said by Aviation108, it’s due to terrain that is a unique feature of KASE, only allowing aircraft to depart on 33 and arrive on 15.

Here’s a link to the departure charts off Flightaware for referral of the topic.



Thank you so much!

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This same procedure is in use at another US airport, KSUN may be interesting to visit for you.

Although, Runway 33 is actually used sometimes for light aircraft and some private jets as a circle to land procedure is in the charts, but I believe the staff thought it is too advanced for the IF crowd which is why they had to dumb it down by restricting it in the TFR.