KASE runway 33 GPS runway 15 ILS

Runway 33 shouldn’t show a GPS or any other approach and runway 15 should only show a GPS approach please fix this.

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@Rotate it really gives a false impression at this airport

@Brandon_Sandstrom I brought this up when the update came out. There is hundreds of airports in IF that shouldn’t show a GPS cone or have an actual glideslope. Every single runway in IF has it now. It’s a joke. You can autoland a 737 on any tiny private dirt runway at the click of a button now!

Yea I know that’s a seperate issue and one that needs to be addressed but even before the last update it showed this airport that way and it’s just wrong I’ve seen so many people crash into the mountains thinking that’s an actual approach me included when I first started out. But I makes it hard to control and harder then it needs to be for the newbies

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@carmalonso I’m not sure how to do this one. There are several lines that include KASE. Some say “LOC” and some say “DME–ILS”, but it’s only supposed to be LOC/DME.

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