KASE Full Approach Video, Is this technique correct?

Hey guys please check my new vid, I was way too high so I thought of a way to maximise distance haha :D What are your thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WsUHCZDC-w


I’m very impressed!

Better sharpen up on the timing for the turns but well done. It’s a hard approach to master and I can call you a professional 😉 Ha ha.

Also groovy music :)


That made me dizzy


Haha, thanks for the feedback bud :D I really appreciate it

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Try watching it at 1.5x Speed on Youtube ;)

Nice smooth touchdown. Just what I like to see ;) I also liked song choice.

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The technique is not correct, 15 is Compulsary for landings. Good video otherwise!

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And no that’s not the correct way to approach ASE. Too low not on the right path look up the plate and let’s see how you do.

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Thank you :D

15? Haha thanks for the feedback :D I was way too high so I had to increase the distance a bit

Will do! Thanks for the feedback, it’s a really interesting approach

Runway 15.

In real life procedures you depart from runway 33 and land on 15, no matter the weather.

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Very smooth landing despite the couple of mistakes. As a brand new person to Infinite Flight I’m definitely finding proper approaches the hardest thing in game.

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Good to know :D The approach I flew is pretty fun to fly though haha, the other side is to generic xD

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Thanks bud, you should fly the approach I flew :D

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