KASE (Aspen Pitkin) RWY 33 Approach Procedure

someone point to the procedure for ray 33 approach at kase

There is no procedure as they NEVER land on it

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I’m not sure exactly where to find appropriate charts for KASE. Are you having trouble landing there?

Ah, there we go.

you should plan a outing on IF to land there :-) it is f(*(&**( difficult )


Those are the official approach charts. As you can see, it is not used.


i seen some landing on youtube there but 7 years ago, i heard there was a bad accident once involving N11WF

TODAY there is one mile visibility there :-)

Just if you are going to try it then do it on casual or solo. NEVER on expert and use your judgement on TS1 and only if there is no one else around.

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