KASE advanced server

I love flying at Aspen Pitkin Co sardy field but there is very rarely any aircraft or ATC there in advanced Cerver.
It is one of the most challenging airports in IF with a verry fun approach and takeoff. (Try doing a go around)
The IF community should fly more often there.


Yeah I love when I see that ATC at KASE

Thanks. More people should fly there. They usually underestimate this airport.

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This is also my favorite airport. However there was ATC there for several hours today!

I know. I requested ATC there and my friend provided it. He is a great controller

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Yes @Swang007 is pretty good :). @Captain_Skywalker also controlled there. He wouldn’t let me in because there were so many planes. I had to divert to KEGE 😂

Lol. Eagle county rgl is a nice airport too

screenshot’s from yesterday :) Much Traffic

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You may love to fly there, but for controllers, it turns into a nightmare real quick. Also, approach is so difficult at KASE, people tend to stay away from it…

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The A380, 747, and 777 at KASE lol :)

It’s a nice challenge: flying between the high mountains!

that one of the reasons that I love KASE

what map have this airport?

Denver CO. its a cool map in all

Okey thanks! everybody is playing now at London :(
Do you know how i can change my flight name? not my user name, i mean the name that use the control tower.

you click on you username in the right top corner and then click on the callsign.

i got it! thanks!!

No problem. Anytime

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