Kareem2o’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello, my name is Kareem, and welcome to my ATC tracking thread, i made a tracking thread to get better at being atc and feedback is always welcome.

Status: closed



Notams/Virtual Atis:


Hey there Kareem,

I was JY-ARB, the 737-900, and unfortunately I got an important call and couldn’t fly. So whenever you’re open, just go ahead and ping me.

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Roger that. :)

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I was N76VT for the last few minutes of your session. There were no problems that I noticed. Thanks.

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NZAA is open on training server

pings: @Rocky_Black

Feedback C-FMXA

  • First 2 patterns while in the TBM were great from you, my flying is a different story.

A320 Pattern:

  • No sequence behind C-FYXX while I was #2
  • Landing clearance was good

Keep up the work. Ping me when you open and I will try and attend.

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Sorry I didn’t come. I couldn’t make it. Hopefully I’ll come next time.

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