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Hello fellow avgeeks!

I have been flying on IF for quite some months and finally have taken the plunge to introduce myself here on the forums.

I always fly on Live Server under my username Kapitan Kalashnikov. It probably comes as no surprise that I’m always flying an Aeroflot aircraft!

Look forward to flying the friendly skies with you all!


Welcome to the community! You’ll enjoy your time here, I can guarantee it.

Take a look through this topic. It contains some things you’ll find very useful.

See you in the Infinite Flight skies!

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to the community!

Are your name a reference to Mikhail Kalashnikov and Avtomat Kalashnikova?

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Welcome. If you always fly AEROFLOT might i suggest joining their va. It can be found in the IFVARB database in the #live:va section. I am not in it but might interest you

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A big welcome to the community, you’ve got the beginniners guide and I really recommend you to read trough it

Also, as a thumbnail rule
Always search before you post ;) then you don’t need to get a lot of topics closed

I’ll find some more useful links you can look at later

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me or a mod, I’ll introduce them to you

And some other guys

You can PM all of them by sending a PM to @moderators


Warm welcome to the Infinite Flight Community

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