Kansas City Int'l (KMCI) Departure

Hey IFC! I flew from Kansas City to Oklahoma City today and on departure I saw Downtown and decided to get a picture. Well in the replay there wasn’t a good picture because I flew directly over the city 😂
So I just went on solo to get the picture instead lol

Server: Solo
Airline/Aircraft: Southwest B737-700
Location: Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Southwest 737 flying over Downtown Kansas City

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Wow I like it, it is just amazing I put 10/10

So many airports that could be featured are underrated and never used

Not bad! KMCI is really underrated, it’s a great airport.


I’m @nativetoalaska, and I approve this #screenshots-and-videos topic.

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@Butter_Boi and @nativetoalaska thanks 😂

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Flying a 737-7 stubbies out of KC is a daily run for SWA.
I love the run to OKC, Salt Lake, Lovie Dovey (Love Field) and of course my home of KDEN. Try if you’re up for it Albuquerque. The winds shall we say can be fun! 🍃

Yeah there are a lot of underrated airports
And most have many gates that could be featured for the ATC schedule

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