Kansas City International Airport Spotting @ KMCI 7/27/19

Hello 👋
Yesterday I was flying from Kansas City to Denver. My flight was delayed due to weather in Denver so I used that time to go plane spotting.

American Eagle CRJ-700

American baby bus taxiing

Delta Connection E170 being towed to a hard stand

Southwest 737-700 taxiing out for departure

United 737-900 taxiing to its gate

Southwest 737-700 parked at the gate

UPS 757-200F at the Cargo Ramp

My Southwest 737-700 plane heading to the gate after arriving from Nashville

Cool edit of the parking lines at the gate.

Delta 737-900 at a hard stand

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Thanks for viewing feel free to give constructive criticism.


Amazing pictures! 😊 Keep up the great spotting you do👍

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Thank you so much!!!

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Great pictures! I’d love to see more!

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Thank you!!!

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Great pictures notice, only regulars have posted in this thread so far

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Lol 😂 thanks for the comment!!

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Well I’m gonna kill the mood my specialty Heheheh and post as a non regular. I like pics 6 & 9 the best. I have decided to name that United “dirty boy”.


Was there a spotter area you where you took the pictures or was it inside the terminal? Anyways, nice pictures. The Delta E170 and American A319 are my favorite pictures.

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I took these from inside the terminal

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