Kangaroo Route(-ish)

Splendid 15 hours 45 minutes above the Eastern Hemisphere and crossing the equator from North-South.
Here are a few pics I decided to take on the London-Perth route onboard the Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner.
(I did eventually fly to Melbourne via Perth however due to photo capacity for this post I was unable to publish them).

Taxiing to 27R at Heathrow, followed by a BA A321 on route to Tel Aviv…

Takeoff roll on 27R - beginning of the near 16 hour flight!

Near immediate left hand turn as we depart out of EGLL

Passing over Oman at 33000 feet with breathtaking views…

Best office in the world? I think so…

15 hours later, we begin our gradual decent into a very quiet Perth.

Spotted! That landing gear timing tho…

Final for 03 at YPPH

Taxiing to the gate while Emirates A380 departs; bound for Dubai

Engine shutdown and time for deboarding…


Nice photos. Especially that last one


Wow those shots look great!

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