Kangaroo Route 2023

Hey all,

For my first ultra long haul flight of 2023 I decided to a flight close to home, flying the reverse Kangaroo Route from London Heathrow Terminal 3 to Sydney Kingsford International with a stopover at Singapore Changi as Qantas 2 (QF2) with an overall flight time (including stopover) of 24 hours 37 minutes and a block time of 21 hours 33 minutes in the whale that is the Spirit of Australia’s A380 😍🇦🇺
This was on Expert Server between Tuesday 10 - Wednesday 11 January

With me on this WHOLE journey was @Jinco , so a massive shoutout to him for also joining and willing to complete the flight with me :) much love

Thanks for checking out the post and hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave suggestions or feedback or any comment in comments section (I dunno how to do any of the technical things u all do with the “vote your favourite” etc so yeah 🫣

Double Trouble is here ! Two of the finest and mightiest Flying Kangaroo’s A380 awaiting departure both flying the Kangaroo Route (@Jinco)

At 21:20 local time (London) Qantas 2, weighing a whopping 536 tonnes (536,714KG or over 1 million pounds for you Americans 🙄😜) rotates and blasts out of Heathrow on Runway 27L bound for Singapore! (Yes I changed the time in replay so you could see the pic ;) )

The majestic A380 overflying South Eastern Turkey 🇹🇷 about to cross into the border with Iraq 🇮🇶 transferring from Ankara Control to Baghdad Control

“Qantas 2, cleared to land runway 02L, surface wind 350 degrees, 4 knots”
A380 on final for runway 02L with the Sun just about to set over Singapore 🇸🇬

Touchdown! Qantas 2 touches down in Singapore Changi after over a 13 hour flight from London Heathrow Terminal 3, with Changi Air Traffic Control Tower glimmering as the sunsets for another day in Singapore

All hope isn’t lost! Double Trouble returns! At Terminal 1 at Changi Airport boarding passengers bound for Sydney Kingsford, which will be the 2nd and final leg of the Kangaroo Route 🦘

Aaaand at 20:15 local time (Singapore) Qantas 2 rotates and powers out of Singapore on its final leg down under

After cruising over Java Sea and the Indian Ocean, Qantas 2 crossed into Australia overhead Broome, Western Australia. This pic is taken as the sun rises on another beautiful day in Australia as we cruise at FL390 just north of Adelaide, South Australia

Qantas 2 finally touches down on Runway 34L back home in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 🇦🇺 at 06:15 local (Sydney, Australia) a mammoth Kangaroo Route stretching over 24 hours, with the majestic Sydney Air Traffic Control Tower in the background and @Jinco (out of pic behind 😭) following in behind, established on the localiser for 34L

Parking brakes set. Welcome to Sydney, Australia. Rampers begin unloading the aircraft as gate agents position the jetbridge to welcome 516 visitors and residents back to the best city in the world… (not bias) ;) that is Sydney 🇦🇺

Thanks so much for viewing the post, hope you all enjoyed ;)


Nice screenshots 😉


Don’t rub it in 😭😭😭


Had no choice sorry ! Bahahahahahaha

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That is a well done Kangaroo Route shots that you have posted including a stop-over at Singapore. Well Done!

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Thanks so much! Appreciate the kind feedback :)

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