Kamryn Wants Contrast @ KDCA

Hola a todos, hope you’re all doing well. Today I present the second part of my previous spotting topic. I got some cool pics, and I hope you like them! These photos were taken when golden hour was in full force. As well, halfway through the spotting session, I switched spots from under a tree to on top of a super sketchy picnic table that could barely support my weight and seemed like it was gonna fall over at any second. Anyways, enjoy the photos :)

Please click on the photos for full quality. Discourse ruins every photo

From on top of the table, heres an AA MAX 8 heading to Tampa as a 738 flies over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

A CRJ7 arrives from someplace

Following the Cool Regional Jet is an A321N from Phoenix

Next up is a CRJ7 waving to the windsock

A United Continental 738 holding short for the Mile High City

Arriving in some sexy lighting is an E170 coming in from Newark with the old winglets

Arriving second to last is a Republic E170 from JFK, not wearing a UA, AA, or DL livery

And wrapping up the topic is a stunning Southwest 738 from Somewhere, USA

Thats all for today, my fine fellows. I hope you enjoyed the photos, and let me know if you had a favorite! Adios for now :)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Wow! That first one is amazing!

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omg it’s contrast

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This is probably the best aircraft in the topic, followed by the MAX 8.

That reflection and lighting… just perfect.

I had two; pictures 1 and 3. Keep up the impressive work, as always!

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Great pictures!

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This poor CRJ has had a broken APU for a few days now. :(

Nice photos man; love that E170 shot with traffic departing 15. And of course, the Brickyard House Livery.

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Nice! More DC action!

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Very good pictures!

This is my favorite!

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@Kamryn!!! Look! These are not backlit! Iykyk.

Superb shots, @Aviation108! 🙌


ikr i learned how to use the contrast curve thingy, are you proud of me?

Thanks lol. Pre editing it was the most backlit photo of the century

I’m glad you liked them! Thanks!


Noooooooo, has it seen the doctor yet? :(

Thanks Danny! The Embraers seems to look better in any livery thats not the dull grey of AA in my opinion 🙈

Thanks, and expect more to come 👀

Thanks Blake!

I apparently dont know, but if you’re calling kamryns photos backlit, im all for it



Lmao. As much as I’d like to say they are, his are the opposite.

It’s an inside joke because I have a “ranting” channel in a private server about JetPhotos and how their standards are incredibly high. Part of the problem, however, is me—I have so many backlit shots.

You have to see them to understand fully, but that’s the gist.

Fortunately, though, it doesn’t seem that you have the same issue as me. 😅 So, for that, I applaud you. 👏


No, not yet. It’s been given medicine by means of Air Start. Or, as Mr. Callow says, the “Blow n’ Go.”



fr, im just now understanding why spotters get annoyed with them

Maybe not backlit, but DC can get some garbage lighting every so often

bruh 😭😭😭


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