Kamero's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello Guys,

I’m Donda, my callsign is Kamero, and here I’m opening my ATC Tracking Thread, aiming to develop my ATC skills and hope, one day, be part of IFATC.

For now I just creating the thread, and I will update soon when I’m open in an airport.

See you guys on left base!


Best of luck for your ATC journey!

I’ll certainly try and come by whenever you’re open and provide some feedback!

Heyo, Ill come by and also give you some feedback whenever you’re on.

Hello Guys,

Im open for my first training at SBSP from 1400Z until 1500Z.

Please be aware is my first time, so I may will be very bad.

See you in there!

I’m coming… See you soon.

I’ll come along

Not bad for a first session, I suggest you watch a few ATC tutorial videos in youtube around tower and sequencing.

  • If a pilot is remaining in the pattern, he is in the pattern until he announces otherwise - so you always have to clear for the option. You kept not clearing us so we always had to report position to remind you about it.

  • A pattern entry is always required when an aircraft calls inbound or there is a runway change. When I requested change to 35R you simply cleared me for the option. Should have said “enter left downwind 35L” first.

  • On my last pattern you cleared me to land, but I didn’t tell you I was landing, so you should have cleared me for the option. It turns out that by coincidence that was the last pattern I was doing, so it still worked out. After I landed you did not give me a runway exit command. My app crashed, I was going to sit on the runway and see if you were going to call a go around for the aircraft behind me… ended up not being able to see that.

Keep practicing!

Basically what he said,
But you gave me an exit command :)
Also If I request to taxi to a certain place, being a runway or parking, say “taxi to runway/parking” instead of continue taxi.

Thanks k you guys for come along.

That’s was first time I had to use sequencing, so I was kind lost. But was good experience. I will rewatch all videos again to have a better understanding.

@MannyG my mistake was looking for the menu of asking you to expedite the exit, instead of asking go around of AC behind you. Luckily @Oliver02 called on time. Was good for experience too.

Once thanks for coming!


Like I said, nice work. You have the fundamentals, just need to practice. When you are ready to apply for IFATC, send me a DM and I can help you with that.

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Wow one hour pass so quickly!

Thank you all for coming!

Was a great and fun experience.

Looking forward for the next.

Any recommendations for next airport?

Stick to airfields with parallel runways and avoid the busy ones - that way you simulate the environment of an IFATC test and also avoid (mostly) the bad pilots :).

Hello guys,

I’m open at OMDB until 0400Z.

Now closed

Hello everyone,

I’m open at UHHH. 0220Z ~ 0320Z.
Please come make your patterns.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

Hi, N561jv here.
You did not clear me to land until I reported my position. You should clear people in a pattern for the option after they turn downwind. You do not need to tell which pattern again to enter unless you are changing their runway.
You also never gave me run my exit instructions when I slowed down below 60 knots.

Hey man,

Thank you for the feedback.

I didn’t receive your message that would be full stop, so I assume would continue the pattern. Maybe connection problem.

Thanks for the feedback of pattern, I will be more attention from now.

Hi 9V-RAI here. I was planning to do pattern work but was busy so I just did a take off instead. After pushback I asked for permission to taxi to runway 05L you responded with ‘continue taxi’, which is incorrect as you should have said ‘taxi to runway 05L, contact tower when ready’. Hope I have you some gd advice:)

Thank you for the advice!

I will do that for now.

Now closed.

Thank you everyone that shows up