Kaman receives order for K-MAX helicopter

Kaman has received an order for a third K-Max helicopter. Precision Lift out of Baker, Oregon. This is the second aircraft purchased by Precision Lift in the last 12 months and it will join the company’s fleet of firefighting assets.
“We have many operators that own multiple K-MAX aircraft, and we are excited to welcome Precision Lift to that list,” Said Darlene Smith, vice president and general manager, air vehicles and maintenance, repair and overhaul division. “Our operators continue to value the capabilities of the K-MAX when expanding their fleet size. The interest we have seen for the aircraft provides us confidence as we move forward with Lots II and III, where we plan to produce ten additional units.


Interesting helicopter. It seems like its purpose is to be a crane, sort of like the Sky Crane correct?

It’s a heavy lift machine like the Skycrane.
The useful load of the KMax is 6,855lbs. It doesn’t lift as much as a Crane but it gets the job done

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