Kamaka Air Cessna C208B Cargomaster

Hello IFC! Today I bring a request for the Kamaka Air Cargo 208. It is a small GA workhorse in Hawaiʻi and is amazing. Kamaka air has a fleet of 6 Cessna 208Bʻs. (one C408 Skycourier as well :)
The Kamaka Air 208 serves all of Hawaiʻiʻs islands except Niʻihau, in cargo charters, or on regular flights.
This is an amazing livery on the C208! So here she is:

source:N145KA | Cessna 208B Grand Caravan | Kamaka Air | Mike Egan | JetPhotos
credits are given in the photo.
Also, we need the callsign, the IATA is KMK, the entire CS is Kamaka.

lets add this!!

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This is definitely a Hawaiian style alright!


Have you seen their new Cessna 408?

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the very bottom under the fuselage we like to call “Filipino blue” :)


wait what i wanna see!


that is BEAUTIFUL! i will make it my life to try and spot that

Its in Vegas last I checked. Probably getting outfitted with bladder tanks for the transpacific ferry

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oh, if its there in HNL when i am, expect me to spot.

There’s an upgrade to the 208 alright. Like how the registration has the number on it!

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smol bump

definitely a hawaiian thing lol


definetly haha, lets get some votes guys!

Maybe for 23.4, and with the A380 rapidly approaching, maybe this can be a livery added in the update since its a small and easy to-do?

add for 24.2?

would be cool to see this livery and hopefully arework for the C208!

Bumping this! Hopefully we can see this livery with the C208 rework