Kam in Malaysia (Ft. LordWizrak) @ WMKK

In the month of July, I have gotten to visit a multitude of countries traveling solo around Asia as a high school student. I couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful for these opportunities. This time, it was a daytrip in Kuala Lumpur during my stay in Singapore! I’m currently in the process of editing my Singapore shots, as there are a few hundred of them, and will post my highlights on the forum whenever I get a chance.

I got to meet my friend and fellow community member @LordWizrak for some plane spotting, sight seeing, and shopping around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a fun experience and I deeply underestimated how awesome KL really is, I’ll just need to re-visit when the skies are a bit more clear and the sun wants to show itself (it was dreadfully cloudy).

Don’t forget to harass Wizrak for showing up to the airport terminal 20 minutes late making us completely miss our tickets Oppenheimer. smh my head

Cargolux lifting some water from the runway.

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

hi pakistan

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

hi taiwan

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

Wizrak’s BMW E46 can beat an A320 in racing according to recent self conducted studies.

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

Best NEO livery to date. 💜

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

Wizrak’s favorite livery 😍

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

The livery painters did not do their job.

(There’s some unidentified debris looking stuff on the AFT part of the fuselage, almost looks like birds, unsure of what it could be.)

1/250 | F/8 | ISO100

W registration.

(it’s a J-Rock band reference)

1/200 | F/8 | ISO100

Other than editing the aircraft’s lighting itself via masking, the sky is completely natural.

1/100 | F/5.6 | ISO100

(Yes, I got new Nikon/Nikkor gear, not to be used until a future topic though.)


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Nikon D800E
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Nikkor 17-35mm F/2.8
Nikkor 50mm F/1.8
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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rich 🗣️ people 🗣️ alert 🗣️


Hard work pays off 🗣️

(i am the one who spins the iPad around at a cafe for payment and expects you to tip)


0% tip for you specifically.


That lighting in the last dreamliner photo is stunning! The gradient from orange to purple complements the golden accents on Etihad’s livery. Overall just wow!

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these are the most photos i’ve seen ever

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Just get more money, I don’t know what’s so hard about that.


Mind you this is a thread being posted in late August, approximately a month to the day after the trip happening.

You could be. Driving you was expensive considering how expensive cars are here. You’re welcome for the 3 inches of rain on landing and the sunburn about 10 kilometres from the airport.

Research shows these photos will never be completely edited in recently self conducted study.

I am a non-living entity that exists only on a computer. No one has met me yet and the hallucination you underwent was something that I have no involvement in. Maybe it was the CIA.

I have nothing more to say than 200 dollars.


I hope the next time you fly into or out of Malaysia, you’re assigned this plane.

And besides, you should also post your photos of the set of twin towers that are still standing. Bet that was the first time you’ve seen twin towers.

In a self conducted study I have reason to believe that my other cars should be able to beat this in a race too.


Awesome photos! The first and third images, I could feel the thrust thundering in my chest. Amazing colors in the last photo:

Though I don’t usually have chasiu in my Laksa, did wizrak set you up with a good Laksa?


Didn’t get time to set him up with any of the good local food (they are absolutely not near the city centre at all), but if and when he does return in the future, there are a lot of places I have yet to bring him to. A day trip was simply not enough.

As for how I like my laksa, siew yoke is the way to go. Never really seen char siew as an option with laksa but I’m open to trying something new I guess. Might have to go out of my way to trying that sometime soon.


I had a few shots down on my macbook but realized that it compresses the heck out of my shots. I had to re-edit all my Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo street photography shots since I lost the saved data to them on the macbook. I have since then started re-editing, but now im in Texas again away from my computer and won’t be able to do any editing for the next 10 days.

You were paid back by some mediocre Cargolux rotation shots, ion wanna hear it.

ngl, I kinda haven’t editing any of the SG shots aside from Paya Lebar Air Base 🗣️

well damn

I will never fly MAS as they wanna charge me $250 for a 60 minute flight. ☺️ Asian ULCC ftw

haha twin towers (fix your weather)

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I think it’s definitely birds in the foreground being blurred somewhat as you track the aircraft. Check out along the leading-edge flap and above the fuselage at the second “i”.

I also assumed at first it might be painted on, but all recent photos of this rego number show that area to be clear of markings.

I agree with that…hungry


I had assumed this before too when I initially looked at these photos, seems to have happened on a couple prior shots. There might’ve been birds chilling on the runway till the plane came along. lol

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thats why you have so much money to travel…because you pay on an ipad

That’s nothing compared to the fact that you nearly chose to fly JetStar here. You can’t really make a bigger mistake than that, which you found out first hand there on the way back.

iPads are just owned by the company and kept in the building, a lot of small businesses have them here for customers to pay through lol.

oh no its from family guy, the skit was that you paid a crap ton due to it being on the ipad

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