Kam at Kingman @ KIGM

Good day to the fine users of IFC,

Recently, me and 3 of my friends took a morning trip from Henderson (KHND) to Kingman (KIGM) and back to North Las Vegas (KVGT) in a rented Cessna 172.

Kingman was a city I’ve visited a couple times in the past, but this was my first time being able to walk around while airside and look at the hundreds of aircraft in storage or being scrapped. Enjoy!

The main reason of this trip was to check out this E-190, the first E-190 built actually. Unfortunately, it’s fate is coming soon as it’ll be scrapped. 😔

A Kingfisher 727 retired just over a decade ago, I got to walk around and nearly fall through the fuselage (wasn’t very smart). 🇮🇳

One of the few DHL aircraft retired at Kingman, we attempted to enter via a ladder near the nose. It ended up being stuck so we gave up.

The only intact aircraft at IGM, a Spanair MD-80! We entered through the tail and found lifejackets, safety cards, logbooks, checklists, and various other things.

@Dan_77, it’s not called stealing, it’s permanently borrowing.

Another Spanair MD-80 in the Star Alliance scheme. This was was sorta missing all the flooring so we climbed through the cockpit windows with a ladder.

Definitely Airworthy 😁

We hopped into the plane and did a couple loops of aerial photography making it my first time ever, here’s a pair of 727F’s.

Spirit Airlines? 🍌


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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First! Nice findings!

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Poor crj. 😢😢

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lol, went inside of them, seems like they all have their avionics gutted, I brought home a few buttons that they left behind though.


Oh wow thats cool!

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Stunning photos! Years ago Kingman was on the first leg of my first (student) solo cross country flight. I didn’t know this existed there. So remote. Maybe this came later(?). Thanks for the memories!

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Great pictures! Pretty sad seeing so many classic aircraft sitting in storage tho…

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If you can’t get a picture of the wingtips, the wings shall be destroyed.

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Amazing shots! You have a good eye!


Woah…. Those are awesome pics! Sounds like a fun day!

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Ugh! This is my dream trip. Last Friday i at least got to see it from a distance on a tour bus. Great pictures! You know theyre really good when they make me jealous lol.

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