Kam Air A320

Hello and welcome to my 3rd Afghan Airline feature request which is about Kam Air.

About the Airline

Kam Air is an airline headquartered in Kabul Afghanistan. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Kabul International Airport serves as its main hub.

The airline was founded on 31 August 2003 by Zmarai Kamgar. It was the first privately-owned passenger airline in Afghanistan. Its first flight took off on 8 November 2003 on a route from Kabul to Herat and Mazari Sharif using a Boeing 727. Kam Air’s first plane was provided by General Abdul Rashid Dostum as payment for supplying Dostum’s private militia with fuel and food.

Kam Air has its headquarters in Hamed Karzai International Airport Apron C, and “Ticketing Office Kabul Business Centre Ground Floor Charahi Haji Yaqoob Kabul, Afghanistan”. At one time it was located in the Kabul Business Centre in Shahr-e-Naw, Kabul, where a ticket office has operated since 2012. Zmarai Kamgar is the chairman and chief executive Farid Peykar the senior vice president. Timor Shahab the vice president and head of flight operations, and Parwiz Kamgar the finance manager.

Kam Air had announced the launch of Europe operations commencing in August 2010, with Vienna to receive service, followed by London Gatwick. However acording to Reuters , both routes were supposedly cancelled by British and Austrian authorities due to aircraft safety issues. Effective 24 November 2010, all Afghan carriers were banned from flying to the European Union because of the country’s poor civilian aviation safety record.

In 2017, the company leased a 737 airliner from Slovakia with a 30 member crew, but the contract was terminated after the leasing company raised issues about safety in Afghanistan. As of January 2018, Kam Air operated 90 percent of domestic flights in Afghanistan, and was one of the biggest taxpayers in the country. As of April 2017, the airline had planned to expand its route network to include Toronto, Vienna, Madrid, Munich, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Mumbai, Cape Town, Hangzhou, Hat Yai, Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, Jeddah, Jakarta, Kyiv, San Francisco, Moscow and Frankfurt. However as of 17 August 2017 details of this planned expansion have been removed from their website.

Kam Air is the biggest Airline in Afghanistan in destinations and Aircraft fleet. The Airline operates 17 aircrafts and flys to 15 destinations.

Why I want this Airline in IF?

  • Has a nice Livery
  • Biggest Airline of Afghanistan
  • Why not

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