Kam Air 767-300

Kam Air Boeing 767-300 Livery Request

I was looking at the route database of the Afghan Airline, Kam Air. After some research, I found that they had recently leased a Boeing 767-300 from Ukrainian Wings, and so I decided to make this feature request.

So, who are Kam Air? As mentioned before, Kam Air are an Afghan airline based in Kabul. They are Afghanistan’s main airline. Their current fleet consists of the A340, ATR, 737-300/-500 and of course the 767-300. This aircraft itself is used on numerous Kam Air destinations, such as Herat, Delhi, Istanbul, Dushanbe, Ankara, Mazar-I-Sharif and more. I personally love this livery and I think it would make a great addition to IF.

Information about Kam Air:

Information about the Boeing 767:

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Oh, that suits the 767-300 really nice! I’ll definitely consider a vote once the 767-300 rework is confirmed. Let’s get an Afghan airline in for once!


It’s a nice livery but we may not see a 767 rework for quite some time (which is probably when new 767 liveries would be released)

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The 767 is one of the older aircraft in the fleet. I don’t think many people were expecting the 757 rework either, yet it came as a surprise.
Who knows if or when we will get a rework, but if we do - I’m hoping to see this magnificent livery included!

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At one point, didn’t they have a 767-200 that was the oldest in commercial service?

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A very cool and interesting livery!

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It seems so. Kam Air are one of those airlines who don’t really hang on to aircraft long, like for example their A320s and 737-800s which they only kept for a few months. That looks to be the case for the 767-200 they had, too.



Because the registration UR is Ukraine

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Very happy I found a person who supports my Homeland, Afghanistan’s national flag carrier! I was on the plane now this easter (2021) and pretty much a comfortable A/C!


Nice! Your homeland is a very beautiful country and I just wish more people would explore it. I’m hoping this livery would allow that to happen!

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The orange is beautiful! Might as well wait for the rework though…

Now there flagship aircraft is the A340-300.

I made a request for the A343 for Kam air but it got closed cause we don’t have the aircraft yet.

Voted hope this one comes to IF as well as the A320 of kam air.