Kalstar Aviation Embraer E-195

Source: Andika Primasiwi @Planespotters.net (Link: https://img.planespotters.net/photo/608000/original/pk-kdc-kalstar-aviation-embraer-erj-195lr-erj-190-200-lr_PlanespottersNet_608855.jpg)

This plane would be great (along with the Garuda Indonesia Crj-1000) for short hops in Indonesia when Global comes out.

Kalstar Aviation is an airline based in Serpong, Indonesia. The airline was founded as “Kalstar Tour-Travel Co., Ltd” in Samarinda in December 1993 by Andi Masyhur. Masyhur purchased the airline’s first aircraft, an ATR 42, nicknamed KSE, in Bungay on 22 September 2008.

Although initially based in Samarinda, he formally began Kalstar Aviation in Serpong. On Kalstar Samarinda’s maiden voyage, the airline flew from Samarinda to Tarakan, and later on to Nunukan. The airline grew quickly. By 2010, it had added another two ATR 42s to its fleet.

In 2013, Kalstar Aviation carried over 1 million passengers. All Kalstar Aviation aircraft carry the “bird” livery on the vertical stabiliser, introduced in late 2008.

Kalstar Aviation launched the airline’s mobile application, dubbed KALSTAR Mobile. Passengers can use the application to check flight arrivals, departures, and check in for their flights. The airline also provides in-flight magazines.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalstar_Aviation

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Voted. This plane suffered a runway excursion, as stated here


I’ve heard about it. Didn’t know it was this exact plane tho. Thx for voting :)

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Btw the only reason I chose this plane was because it had the “Adventure Borneo” paint on it. I’m not sure if any other Kalstar E-195’s have this livery.

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Sadly Kalstar Aviation has suspended all its flights on Sep 30, 2017, due to a letter from the Transportation Ministry for improving its management in technical and finance matters. There are no limit how long the improvement should be finished.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalstar_Aviation

Oh. All these airlines going, maybe thats why i couldnt dind any Kalstar flights on Flightradar24.

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