Kalitta Charters 727-200F

Kalitta Charters 727-200F

Introduction of the 727 family

The 727 series is a family of medium range trijet’s produced by The Boeing Company starting in 1962 and sadly ending in 1981 to make way for the 737 and 757 families.

Kalitta Charters

Kalitta Charters is the operator of worldwide charter cargo services. Kalitta Charters even has contracts with multiple US government agencies. They currently operate 6 beautiful 727-200F’s around the world from their base in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Why we need this livery

When the 727 comes (hopefully in the next 2 years!), we’ll need charter aircraft available so we can realistically simulate almost any flight combination you could think of. Another bonus, this livery has a simplistic design to it, making it easy to add in.

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Further reading/sources

I know we are all very focused on the 757-200 rework right now; however, we definitely need this livery when the 727 comes to Infinite Flight! Let me know if this is a duplicate. Although, I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

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I don’t think the 727 will ever come but if it does, you got my vote.

Awesome aircraft, awesome livery

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I really love the 727 and I really hope someday people will appreciate the 727 (A little side note I just saw Kalitta Charters II N724CK 72F yesterday)


I’ve seen this plane irl before! It’s amazing!

I don’t have enough votes. But you have my support!

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Never say never. Infinite Flight has such a great variety of aircraft, and this will hopefully continue to grow in the future. Never give up on something just because it may take a long time to happen.

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Wait where did you go to Rochester and not tell me or something

Nope. It was 2 years ago when Buffalo got this Kalitta B727