Kalitta air

Have you ever seen this jet or know anything about it, if not we’ll here it is


Yes! I use to see it when going into LAX.
It would park in the frieght ramp near 25R. Everyone back then knew as the drag race freighter from Connie Kalitta, the Kalitta family.

I love and respect that company for flying 747-200s to this day. I never would have thought I’d be in 2015 and hear and see a Classic 747 fly over my head. Thank you Kalitta!

Never thought I’d see a 747-100 in the 21st Century, but Kalitta proved me wrong on that too.

Their livery is absolutely gorgeous and their airplanes are very photogenic. Shame there isn’t a Kalitta Air 747-200F in Infinite Flight.

They currently fly to JFK from AMS and CGN on a semi-irregular basis mainly using 747-200Fs from AMS and 747-400Fs/747-400BCFs from CGN. They used to do daily flights from MIA but not sure what happened to those…

They should put it in

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They usually come in about every other day into ANC

yep, when I was working on something regarding KJFK, I used google earth to monitor the possession of the different cargo stands. and on one stand was sitting this B747 form Kalittaair. it’s standing around there most of the time I think, and flies in to KJFK every day

I heard it was in Guam a few days ago

It was just here in anchorage ak like Wednesday or Thursday

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Saw one at LAX over Christmas image


I always see it at IAD

When I was stationed at Osan AB in Korea it used to fly in at least twice a week. Beautiful overall aircraft.

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