Kalitta Air Boeing 747-446(BCF)

I think the Kalitta livery looks very good on this plane, and we definitely need more cargo airlines so this would be great!

Not my photo, Tell me what you guys think about this! [poll public=true]

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  • Maybe
  • No

Don’t like the -=KALITA AIR=- logo

Love seeing this beauty land

minus the dump IL76’s that german and russian companies fly, I would have to vote this as one of my top 5 ugliest liveries worked. I get the impression that all i would find on the inside is duct tape.

Looks and sounds Indian. Not sure why.

I’m not a fan of this version of the 744F because this one has the larger hump as if it were a passenger one.

Bumping this. I searched and found this before I posted it myself. Would like to see livery added for 744 and 763.

At the very least would like IF to add Kalitta’s “Connie” callsign to the selection. I mean, we have “Clipper,” callsign and liveries and last time I checked, only John Travolta cares about that.

Alternate livery (clean and simple BCF):

Not my type of livery but can I can see why someone would like it.

It makes me 🥰

Oh yes! Surprise this aircraft is not in Infinite Flight! I would really love this plane as it flies next to my house three times a week! I may clear a vote for this one. :)

This is a very nice plane! Here’s one of my pictures. Maybe the devs could add this one too…