Kalitta Air 777F

As we get a rework with the 777, I think the newest family to operate the 777 should be added!
The Kalitta 777

(Photo owned by David S)

I love Kalitta Air a lot and also the combination between DHL and similar to the current Southern Air livery. I would vote If i had one to spare!

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Think they’re picking up DHL contracts which would explain the combo

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Just a little bump. This livery is a must


I’m going to give this a vote and a bump. The more 777F liveries the better in my opinion :) Would love this added as well as the other 777F liveries when it’s reworked.

Here’s a better photo.

Credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9473871

According to Wikipedia Katitta now own 3 777F’s, 2 were acquired from DHL the third from Emirates Sky Cargo.


We need this very much when the 77L gets reworked!

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We need this because IF has little cargo liveries

Need to revive this. I like how the same livery is applied to the 767.