KaiTak Approach

Greetings IFS virtual pilots
Can someelse give the exact waypoint of this kaitak approach I can’t open the file
thak you for your cooperation
Respectfully Yours,


You shouldn’t open the file, download it to your device and then when in your flight, use the option to « open flight plan » and select the file from your device’s file manager.

I’m guessing this is your issue.

If it is not I’m afraid you won’t be able to put the waypoints in your FPL


I remember that thread and tried to open that flight plan and doesnt works

Maybe try messaging the OP?

@Calditaa , @Mathurin_Garcier posted a resource similar to what you are looking for, try that.

@Mort , I think @Mathurin_Garcier ʻs got it covered.

I mean, if it’s an issue with the link, maybe the OP could give a new link that solves the issue entirely

@FlightGT could, since he is still active.

The link is working as it should. Just re-downloaded the file and tried again

Follow Mathurin’s steps to use the file


I want to say that when I start a flight session and go to the arrow to open flight plans, it doesn’t let me select it.

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