Kailua-Kona to Seattle: Back Aboard the 737-800, with Alaska Airlines

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Some month or two back, i made a topic about my flight on Seattle to Kona. Naturally, nothing lasts forever and it was time to begin the 8-9 hour saga back home. Now there’s two legs involved, re-pacing my steps (or rather flight paths) I took to get here. This leg is Kailua-Kona to Seattle-Tacoma. It was a fun trip, but the flights to/and from the trips are very hard to beat. Our aircraft for the day was N565AS, a 737-800 operated by Alaska. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a -800, as the past 3 trips that had flying were operated by them. At the same time, I can’t complain though. Ok, that’s enough of me rambling on.

Our aircraft rolled up from its flight over from San Jose. Up until this point, I’d been watching 717s launch in rapid succession. There was also a USCG C-130 that did a touch and go.

It was time to board just a little bit later. I had noticed the rudder was blown facing towards the north, which let me know we’d be using runway 17 for departure.

In no time at all we were climbing out past the cloud level, for some of the last sights of the Big Island. I also later had noticed we were climbing out along the same route we took when flying in.

This was an our later, we were well on our way at 35,000ft I think it was.

We began to leave to sun behind, slowly but surely. Our contrail shadow is also somewhat visible on the clouds below us.

The sun is even further down, and the contrail of another aircraft is seen. We are over Washington at this point in time.

POV: the photo your 6yr old phone takes, when it can’t take photos in the dark while your plane is on approach. (Perhaps now’s the time to get an upgrade?)

We eventually taxied all the way around the N gate building, and came to a stop at N7.

Would’ve added more photos, but I didn’t want to make this too long.

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