Kailua-Kona Airport Flyout!

I’ll grab this one

I no longer can join.

I’ll get you down

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Small event bump

5A Southwest San Jose B738

Can I take this?

I’ll get you down

Sorry! I cant go anymore

Ok no worries

Just wondering can I switch to a 737-700? Irl I will fly on a -700 the day after

I actually can join but will be late to depart because I’m done with work at 1pm exactly

The 737-700 does not operate on that route

Can I have this one please

I’ll get you down

oh ok that’s fine

Only a few gates left!

Can I have a Alaska -900 over to anc? They do Honolulu to Anchorage year round.

This isn’t a Honolulu Flyout…

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They do run a Kona to Anchorage right now, maybe that’s what they meant


According to Flightradar24 they do fly from anc to koa and it lands around 930 at gate 7

Yes I know they do but the user said Honolulu to Anchorage so that’s why I was wondering