Kailua-Kona Airport Flyout!

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This please! thanks! also where are the japan flighs…

@Butter575 I also do believe Delta offers service to Kona

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They do! On the A321Neo! To seattle but id leave it as a 757

This route please!

I’ll get you down

Could I sign up for two flights? I’m thinking of doing a quick fly to Honolulu. After that I’ll another longer flight to Mainland USA.

So Kona to Honolulu to somewhere else?

well, could I put my name on two flights?

Since your going from Honolulu to somewhere else that technically doesn’t regard to this flyout so I would only put you down for the flight to Honolulu

no, I was thinking of flying from Kona to Honolulu. After that flight, I would start a new flight from Kona to the mainland.

By then nobody would be there

Because we would have all left

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ok, I’ll take this flight please

Ok I’ll get you down

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American	Los Angeles	A321

Can I take this one 😀

I’ll get you down

Thank you 😀

No problem

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