Kailua-Kona Airport Flyout!

Welcome to the Kailua-Kona Event hosted by @AmericanB772, @Avocado_Aviator and @Butter575! Throughout the summer and fall there have been many events in the Hawaiian Islands but we feel that is about time that the airport of Kailua-Kona deserves some attention! We hope this event will get many signups to give this airport the love and attention it desserves!

Event Specifics

Server: Training
Airport: PHKO
Date: 24DEC22

Screenshot 2022-11-15 6.15.03 PM


Main Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
1A Alaska San Diego B739
1C Alaska Seattle B739 @Ryan_Carney
2A Delta Salt Lake City A339 @FlyingWithPilot1
2 Southwest Lihue B738 @HarrisArrieta
3 United Chicago B772 @RedWolf
4 Alaska Portland B739 @Brennan_Slade
5A Southwest Kahului B738 @Daniel_Silveira
5C Alaska Anchorage B739 @IFA_YT
6C Alaska Seattle B739 @AIDAN101
7 American Los Angeles A321 @75juke
8 United Denver B752 @Avaitor1
9 United San Francisco B752 @coolguy_bob
10A United Denver B752 @AmericanB772
10B American Los Angeles A321 @AviationAlpha
10C Southwest Las Vegas B738 @EnthusiasticAviation
International Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
International Gate 01 Japan Airlines Tokyo B763
International Gate 02 Westjet Vancouver B738 @JayJayAviation
Commuter Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Commuter 01 Hawaiian Lihue B712
Commuter 02 Hawaiian Kahului B712 @Bay_Area_Aviation
Commuter 03 Hawaiian Honolulu B712
Terminal Ramps
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
South Ramp 01 Hawaiian Lihue B712
South Ramp 02 Hawaiian Kahului B712
South Ramp 03 Hawaiian Honolulu B712
South Ramp 04 Southwest Lihue B738
South Ramp 05 Southwest Kahului B738
South Ramp 06 Southwest Honolulu B738

Air Traffic Control

Frequency Controller
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Departure @United403

Screenshot 2022-11-15 6.17.05 PM



  • We are not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act proffesionally
  • Have fun!


I’ll take this!

This please

Hello there!

Mind if i can drop into this gate?

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Thank you! May I please have this?
10A United Denver B752

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You are all signed up

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Could I snag this

Ill get you down

Amazing!! Thanks

No problem

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Can I take Gate 9 United to San Francisco?

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Ill get you down.

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We can switch! You can go to KDEN if you want! It’s fine with me!

I’d actually take the flight to SFO, since I kinda want a medium haul. it’s a 4HR Flight

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Sure thank you! I can’t wait to see you there!

Same! Me too

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Event bump!

I know its already taken but Can I have Alaska to SEA 737-900 at gate 5C
if possible
if not thats fine

I’ll get you down

Event bump.