KailasSrinivasan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi there! Welcome to @KailasSrinivasan’s ATC Thread!

Right now I am trying to get a lot of ATC practice because I am practicing to get into IFATC.
Here are some guidelines for people who decide to help me. When responding to being there please comment your IF name so I know who you are.

When you are departing from the Airport I am controlling, always have a flight plan before contacting ground, unless you are flying patterns. Also only use remaining in the pattern when flying patterns. If not please use departing North, South, East, or West.

If you do decide to help, make sure you listen to my instructions, so that I can simulate myself being a controller on the expert server. Thanks for helping me out!

Note: on different days I will be switching the airports so that I can get different experiences.
Also feel free to give my advice that I can do to become a better controller. (I’ll be Ground and tower)




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I’ll come by to see what’s happening.

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Thanks I really appreciate it!

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Does anyone have any suggestions on the next airport I open?

I am open in Auckland!

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Anyone want to come?

I am certainly going to be there others should come too!

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If you open later, sure I will be!


Are you still open?

Perhaps you should plan a schedule a few days ahead so we can arrange to be there.

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I think you need to change the Thread’s title in order to meet the requirements of the Tracking threads!

Suppose that you are closed
Stay safe!

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Hi everyone sorry I forgot to say closed the other day! But today I am open for around an hour if there is enough traffic! Please try to come!

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@BinaryChess are you coming?

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No sorry I cant
Take care!

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Ok see you around!

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Everyone is welcome!

Hi I am Delta 1990 Heavy, most of the instructions are good, few things noticed worth mentioning

When I reached runway, you asked me to hold short runway and asked me to contact tower, it would be ideal to wait for me to contact tower and then ask for take off

I have seen you have given sequence number 2 for 3 aircraft on same runway, may be your intention to change it

Also when some one requested to take off and remained in pattern, then I have seen you have given pattern instructions and sequence, here sequence is enough and pattern should be provided only when runway change requested

Transition altitude was approved only 4000ft ,where as airport elevation is 1998ft which is rounded to 2000ft- so you can give transition approved at or above 4500ft as that would be reasonal one

Other than that all other instructions were good, good luck with your ATC training


Oh forgot go to closed the atc thread since I was not controlling then. Sorry!

@Gopisreekanth_Chukka @Sashaz55 @Aviation3 @TaipeiGuru
Would you guys come? I am open in SBEG to get some training in! Thanks!

Ok I will stop by to do some patterns now

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