Kai Tak Tutorial 2

Almost 3 years ago I made a tutorial on ‘How to fly into Kai Tak’, and it is pretty outdated… so I’ve decided to make a follow up to that and include 2 custom made approaches and a YouTube tutorial on how to do the Visual approach

Approaches: (some parts of the waypoints have curves to help void high terrain and a reference on the banking into the runway)

To add the approaches, save the file then open with infinite flight, press “Add” only

Lantau Approach (inc hold)
LantauAppVHHX.fpl (10.4 KB)

Chueng Chau Approach
CheungchauAppVHHX.fpl (2.7 KB)

Video tutorial

(it was a US Airways 757, its only an example, dont judge 😂)

Chart used for approaches:


Very nicely laid out and very informative - great job!


You get my 757 stamp of approval


Very clear, and the video is a very helpful example to mirror. I also love the Cheung Chau approach because that island is super familiar to anyone who has ever lived there.



It‘s very helpful to me ,I will fly to Kai Tak tomorrow!

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I’m glad this helped everyone, also any feedback is appreciated!

Very nice tutorial!!