"Kai Tak Turn" in Colorado!

Well, not really, but it is something I have fun with. Here’s how I do it…

Set your plane to an airliner - the bigger the better. I use a 737-700.
Set your airport as KEGE Approach 07. Yup, that one.
Add some weather if you’re a glutton for punishment.
Set your time of day. Let’s go!

In IF, every time you begin a flight as an approach, you will be placed on a 3 degree glide slope straight in to the runway you chose. This is no different, except this one has one big mountain in the way! The first thing you have to do is throttle up and bank left. Follow the Eagle River through the valley and go AROUND the mountain - not over it. Watch the ILS to stay on the glide slope.

The “Kai Tak Turn” comes as you try to align with RWY 07 to land.

Try it in “Cockpit view” for a real fun time! The windshield frame gets right in the way.

The hard part is keeping it smooth and knowing when to begin the turn.

And there’s no “checkerboard hill” to help!


Sounds fun! I´ll give it a try and post a video of it. Which scenario?

A video sounds awesome! Anyway you want is fine. As long as it goes around the mountain! I took these screen shots from a replay of the flight. Haven’t figured out the “posting video” part yet.

Because of the windshield frame blocking the runway view in the turn I sometimes cheat and use the “full view”. Hug the mountain as long as you can but realize you have to make that final turn before it’s too late!

Here’s the real deal in Hong Kong back in the day…

They have got to add Kai Tak to IF!


You had Anti Alising on? Those graphics look awesome!

Yes I do have anti-aliasing on. I use an iPad 4 and it seems to handle it pretty well.

I was talking about the first picture. So real!


Here´s what I promised.

You nailed it! Great videos!

I need a little more room to line up with the runway so my turns are a bit more drastic. Your’s were smooth as silk!

Being in a full bank turn and hearing the “300” altitude AGL callout is just unreal! And finally leveling the wings at the runway threshold just in time for a nice touchdown…

Great job! You’re hired!

And I made it at the 4th attempt! Can this regional airport handle a 777 IRL? Wikipedia says it had a runway extension.

@hetek. Well Well a “Kai Tak Turn”. I though I was having a brain fart! Saw the Pics and musketeers memory kicked in! What fun and thrill filled ride. Thanks for the memory! Mad Max Sends

Here’s a Good Peanut (#5/2016)



Thanks for the peanut Max! At least mine has clean undies (I hope)!

I mentioned the “bigger the better” airliner in the OP because it’s easy for someone in a GA plane (or you in in your Super D) to nail it the first time. You gotta try making those turns in something big to appreciate how little room there is to do what you have to do while staying on the 3 degree down bubble.

Kai Tak landed 747’s all day long doing this. Just unreal!

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Shouldn’t you turn right/enter from the right?

@hetek… Max Sez… I fly the heavy iron a lot. Gotta keep the hand in. I’ll give this one a go in a 737 first. Then go with a big lumbering toad. I’ll let you know how I fair only if I rap it up yowl!

Will you use the A380?

@Sturmovik. Max Sez. I should use a mini bus then step up. I’m cold with hand on heavy hauling. I like those 10 mile ILS approaches with heavy iron. My momma Did’t raise no fool!

True, Kai Tak is a right hand turn while my Colorado version is a left. Consider it a mirror-image. You gotta make concessions sometimes!

I’m with you, Max. I started with a C208 and I’m up to the 737-700 now. Baby steps. And no long ILS approaches allowed here! The only aid you can use is the glide slope indicator to help you on the decent.

When I come around that mountain and see the runway off in the distance and make that left turn, hoping I made it sharp enough and at the right time… Sometimes I crash and burn and sometimes I get it dead on perfect.

No, I don’t fly for a living!

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