Kai Tak to Abu Dhabi

Last night, towards the end of the Kai Tak event, I decided to fly out of Kai Tak for a change. I had already flown the infamous approach earlier that day and I decided to do a departure instead. Based on the fact that Abu Dhabi was going to be one of the IFATC locations for today, I chose that as my destination.

I wasn’t going to be flying as Etihad or Cathay Pacific though, those would be a bit too boring. Instead I chose the Boeing BBJ3, a modified 737-900 that’s been transformed into a luxurious long range private jet. The 7:30 flight would be pushing the BBJ to its range limits.

I would be taking off with full fuel, but the plane would be otherwise lightweight as there wouldn’t be too many people on board and this being a private jet, no cargo either. The departure wait out of Kai Tak was horribly long, and I had to wait half an hour for my turn. Finally though, thanks to IFATC doing a crack job as the night came to an end, I got a chance to take off and start my journey.

Climbing out of Kai Tak

Cruising at FL320

I woke up a bit late, and as a result, I had to do a rather steep approach into Abu Dhabi. All went well though, and I ended up landing on Runway 13R. Happily, there was ATC coverage at Abu Dhabi when I arrived.

Descending through fog

The gorgeous coastline as I turned base for the runway

Parked at the Presidential Flight apron, a luxury apron reserved for private jets and VVIPs and government people