Kai Tak Throwback

I decided to show up to @Wesleyhenrich event uninvited, well, I mean uh, on short notice, because somehow the event missed my eye on the IFC. Nonetheless I had great fun flying the dangerous approach in my iconic Cathay 747 from Taipei, screaming only hundreds of feet over the urban cityscape, just like to good old days…


Featuring this event:

[NOW] [24 Attending] Kai Tak Fly-in @ VHHX - 121400ZJAN20

Route: RCTP - VHHX

Flight Time: 1hr 30min

You can see from the last pic the variety of traffic that attended! It was great fun, and I hope to see this airport get more love in the future :))


787s and A350s at Kai Tak. Just like the good old days.

Nice pics!


Shhh let’s ignore that…

Thanks for the support everyone!

Love it😏! :)

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I’m the Cathay 777 in the back of the last pic. Saw you while taxiing, didn’t know you were uninvited. Great pics! :)

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Awesome pics! Gotta love the Cathay Queen 😉


Shame i never got to fly on one before it’s retirement :////

I did back in 2011 😃

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If Kai Tak were still Hong Kong’s main airport … do you think A350 / 787 … would land there?


I guess so, but that airport’s tiny size would never have survived for very long

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It’s very possible. But the airport had closed before the 777 and 787 and A350.

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Actually, the very first cathay 777-200s still got to land there…

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