Kai Tak Routes

Since Kai Tak is no longer in operation I cannot check FR24 or FlightConnections.com for routes for an overnight flight. Would any of you guys happen to know any routes to Kai Tak that are around 13 hours flight time for an overnight flight? Thanks!

Try typing the ICAO code for Kai Tak into Wikipedia. It gives some good airlines and destinations.

That’s what I do for some rea world routes

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Here are some!


A good overnight route to VHHX should be Chicago. United used to send their 747’s and 772’s there.

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There’s also London you could take via a Speedbird

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Thanks very much guys I’ll check out the links now!

@Pingu that looks like a nice route. I could also use the UA retro livery on the 772

Qantas used to send 747s there (YSSY)


Right now I am doing KLAX-VHHX in an A330 in a Cathay Pacific A330. It may not be realistic but its a fun route :) KSEA-VHHX is around 13hrs.

Happy Flying

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This says routes and Aircraft type it helps


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