Kai Tak Routes VHHX

Since we now have VHHX in 3D and since it is the old airport of what was the main airport for Hong Kong, I want to make a realistic route database consisting of actual flights with their corresponding flight numbers that flew to Kai Tak.
Use this format
[Example] |depICAO - arrICAO|747-200|CX123|
|EHAM - VHHX|747-200|KL887|
|EHAM - VHHX|747-400|CX270|
|RKSS - VHHX|747-200|OZ301|
|RKSS - VHHX|777|CX411|
|EDDF - VHHX|747-400|LH730|
|EDDF - VHHX|747-400|CX288|
|LFPG - VHHX|747-400|AF186|
|LFPG - VHHX|747-400|AF188|
|LFPG -VHHX|747-400|CX260|
|LIRF - VHHX|MD-11|AZ776|
|KSEA - VHHX|747-200|NW83|
|FAOR - VTBD - VHHX|747-200|SA296|
|EGLL - VHHX|747-400|BA31|
|EGLL - VHHX|747-400|CX256|
|EGLL - VHHX|747-400|CX250|
|EGLL - VHHX|747-400|CX254|
|EGLL - VHHX|747-400|BA27|
|EGLL - VHHX|A340|VS200|
|YPAD - VHHX|747-200|CX104|
|NZAA - VHHX|747-400|CX108|
|OBBI - VHHX|747-400|CX730|
|VCBI - VTBD - VHHX|777|CX700|
|VTBD - VHHX|747-400|CX712|
|VTBD - VHHX|A330|TG630|
|VTBD - VHHX|A330|TG603|
|VTBD - VHHX|A330|TG608|
|VTBD - VHHX|767|QF78|
|VCBI - VTBD - VHHX|A330|CX700|
|YBBN - YCBS - VHHX|A330|CX102|
|YBBN - YCBS - VHHX|767|QF85|
|YBBN - VHHX|A330|CX102|
|YBBN - VHHX|767|QF85|
|KORD - VHHX|747-400|UA895|
|WMKK - VHHX|747-400|MH72|
|WMKK - VHHX|747-400|MH74|
|WMKK - VHHX|A330|CX720|
|WMKK - VHHX|MD-11|MH72|
|KLAX - VHHX|747-400|UA1|
|KLAX - VHHX|747-400|CX881|
|KSFO - VHHX|747-400|UA805|
|KSFO - VHHX|747-400|UA835|


There are various websites on the internet that can yield search results about routes in and out of defunct airports (such as Kai Tak), below are some links that you can use to find these routes.




This helps a lot thank you for the advice! I’ll put the data in here.

Aircraft Operated:
Airbus A330, Airbus A340, [Boeing 747-100/200]
Destinations Served:
Amsterdam, Anchorage *, Auckland, Bahrain, Bangkok, Brisbane, Cairns, Cebu, Denpasar Bali, Frankfurt,
Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London Heathrow, Los Angeles,
Manila, Melbourne, Nagoya, Osaka Kansai, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Penang, Perth, Rome, Sapporo,
Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo Narita, Vancouver, Zurich
I don’t know which aircraft served which route so I’m just going to attach this here.

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