Kai Tak Retro Group Flight! [FINISHED 13 people attended] @ RJAA - 032359ZNOV18

The flight is tonight! Anyone who wants a last minute gate we have many left!

EDIT Davin has just gotten ghosted along with Travis (Niagraaviation) I am not getting into the details. Would everyone be ok if we moved this event to next Saturday?

  • Oct 27
  • November 3

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Hello everyone! This weekend I am organizing a throwback flight! On Saturday, October 28th we will be flying Tokyo-Narita to Kai Tak in a Japan Airlines Boeing 747-200. Flashing back to the checkerboard approach used for decades up until the 21st century, I would love to make this flight huge. With a difficult approach and a large group flight! It will be extremely fun!

Climb: Climb to 10,000 at VS 2,500 Fpm & speed 240 KIAS.
After 10,000 Feet speed up to 320 KIAS and decrease VS to 2,000.
Once Past 30,000 Set cruise speed to M.85 and lower VS to 1,500 FPM

Cruise: 32,000 @ Mach .85

Server: Casual

Airport: RJAA

Time: 0000Z

NOTAMS: Please Spawn in ten minutes before the flight with callsign KAI-TAK. Also, Please Copy Clevelandspotter’s flight plane before taxi. Gate Assignments will be posted Below. Comment for a gate. No VA or affiliation needed. My friend and I are hosting this even and We will be there!
For everyone who hasn’t landed at kai tak yet, Here Is a demonstration of the approach path.

My friend on instagram: @cleveland.spotter
Me on instagram: @ewr_spotter

make sure to have fun!!!

Gate 99: Explore_With_Antonie
Gate 98:
Gate 97: Alec Bankston
Gate 96:
Gate 95: @mx.spotting
Gate 94:
Gate 93: @Captian Bushwacker ;)
Gate 92:
Gate 91: @Jospeh.Prinzi (Instagram)
Gate 81: @Anawin_Roongsaengjan
Gate 83:
Gate 85:@Skyharbor.spotter
Gate 87:@cbrooks531
Gate 88:
Gate 86: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 84:
Gate 82:

Host Gates
Gate 401: @Jackson_Kaiman
Gate 402:@Davin_Amy (rip)
Gate 403: @niagraaviation


I’d love to join this, but there’s absolutely no way I can do the entire flight. I might come and join the party out of somewhere else, maybe.

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Whats wrong with it?

Now that you have added Gate Assignments, everything is all goodđź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť.

i just needed to go on liveflight to double check everything. I had them copied.

I am interested but that is around a four and a half hour flight…so is it possible for you to split it into two legs like from RCTP to VHHH which is only about a ninety min flight there… just a suggestion for those who cannot make the whole trip !

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we did it in 3 hours 10 minutes the other day cruising at mach .90. we will consider this for sure. By the way i am @cleveland.spotter on IG if you have any more questions.

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thanks davin ur too quick

major oof :)

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don’t get banned again ;)

we are working on a way to possibly shorten the flight time. How long is your ideal max flight time?

are you going to sign up for a gate?

@DeerCrusher would love it if you could join us!

Anthony rowse 4 life wants 92

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okie sounds good

How can we make the flight possible for you?

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Thanks for your interest …first of all l want to confirm that the flight starts at almost 12:00 A.M. GMT On Oct 28 which means that would be at 7:00 P.M E.D.T. on Oct 27 my time… all that being accurate then your flight from RJAA would last about four hours and thirty min…according to a flight time calc program on the net…so that means your participants would not be landing at VHXX till around 0430Z or 11:30 pm my time… so what l propose is joining up with you all from RCTP which is only about a ninety min flight to Kai Tak unless some of you choose to stop there as well… on your secondary leg… so that is my suggestion for those who for whatever reason choose not to fly the continuous route that was previously enunciated !!!

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00:00 zulu is 8:00pm EST
Would you do it if we changed it to Taipei to Kai Tak? That is a 1 hour flight.

I am -5 hrs from GMT in EDT time since it will not go back to EST until Nov …don’t know what TZ you are in at the start of the flight… but you and your flight group members don’t have to change your fpl at all if l l rendezvous with you from RCTP and fly the last approx ninety min leg following your remaining fpl wpts to Kai Tak …my older device will not allow much more than a two and a half hour flight before l run out of memory and/or storage space… so that would mean that my ETA for rendezvous with your group would be at approx 0300Z or 10 pm my time …l can adjust to whatever fpl you choose within an error margin of +/- 2.30 hrs

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ok sounds good. I live in ohio.

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