Kai Tak Procedures

Hey guys. Kai Tak is a fun airport to fly into and popular among Kai Tak users. However, their are no procedures for Kai Tak, making it difficult to follow realistic approach paths. I don’t think there are any duplicates to this request, feel free to let me know if there are.

If you want procedures for Kai Tak, vote!

Well I would love procedures, Infinite Flight doesn’t make the procedures for airports in IF

I’d say see this post by @Chris_S.

Procedures are not feature request. The information is provided to IF.

All procedures come from a third party source, they can’t 100% control it.


Considering the airport has been closed for many years, finding the proper procedures from their source(s) might prove impossible. You can definitely find them somewhere online, but 20.1 provided the first iteration of Sids and stars, and they said only in the USA they would be released and then surprised us with the entire world having them.