Kai Tak Perfect Landing and Approach

Just wanted to show you guys my perfect approach and landing to Kai Tak enjoy :))

YT account link: Phoenix Report - YouTube


Good job but your turn was a little early.


I just saw this in my YT notifications. Great job!

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Probs would’ve missed the runway if I waited a little more to turn 👌

Beautiful approach (shame couldn’t see the checkerboard!) and a excellent produced video as well!

Naa. You could have turned sharper. Plus you where a little low far out there.

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The video production is on point. Not sure I’d call it perfect as for the approach though. You turned too early (especially since you had to level out, then turn again just to get to the runway), and we’re a little low, which caused you to float the landing a bit, not bad though…

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This was great approach.
You are amazing. Keep it up

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Thank you :)) I do this for passion and love and as a hobby but I’d appreciate it if you guys subbed :D