Kai Tak Line-Up ✈️

Following a short layoff, I was finally back in the skies of IF in the midsts of an @Ethiopian_Virtual event! We celebrated existing Airlines who used to fly in and out of Kai Tak back in the Day ✈️

Route: RCKH 🇹🇼 - VHHX 🇭🇰
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1hr 05mins


South African B737-800?



Can I join the flight

This is a picture from an event that has already happened…


Was waiting for someone to mention it lol…We had a list of specific liveries and were allowed to choose and fly any aircrafts of those liveries respectively. The pilot flying the South African livery in this case had a choice between the A333 and B738

Welcome to the Community and like Benny said, the Event finished a couple of hours ago!

he should have went with the 742


Korean Air 747-8 and Thai 787 as well… lol

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I wanted to join too,but it’s too early for me😭

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Hopefully get to see you in another Event!

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Look at me there with Varig’s painting!! Eternal Varig


Because I like this and it’s a very cool idea and lineup, I only mention out of interest there is a fun game here: How many features can you find in this photo that didn’t exist when Kai Tak closed in 1998(?).

Mostly I had to do a quick search to verify. Love the photo.

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A Beautiful livery alright!

That’s a very interesting take to this photo haha 👌🏽

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I was in a former green version of the Cathay Pacific livery on the tarmac at Kai Tak irl. It was an L1011, like this:

When we were away from the gate, I believe it was the left engine, the technicians had to reopen some engine panel when we were stopped, clearly visible from our windows, to finalize some lingering problem with the engine.

I was thinking, “I don’t know, is this normal?” No one else seemed to care. And then we were off and it all turned out ok, as usual.

…But my dad, who was stationed in Hong Kong, had a failed departure from Kai Tak and had to turn back with an engine failure, and fuel dump.

Love Kai Tak, colorful in multiple ways; it’s its own special place. Burned into my memories.

(but the engine failed and then returning on that approach??)


Now that was an awesome and intriguing read! Well I can definitely say those pilots had the guts to perform that approach with an engine failure 😮😅

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Great ETVA event, more to come!!

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me waiting to see a spirit a320 🌚