Kai Tak checkerboard

can someone with enough experience please put this in the feature section, thanks

When flying into Kai tak airport I haven’t seen the famous checkerboard. Is it not in the game or am I not looking hard enough?

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Well, you could wait until you reach the TL2 and make a feature request :)

What’s the TL2?

Trust level 2: Member. You are currently TL1: Basic :)

No, it’s not implemented. The terrain map probably won’t show it as I believe buildings and trees have replaced it. You can vote for the related 3D objects here!

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How do I Level up?

Hey mate,

There is already a feature request for the Kai Tak checkerboard approach (even though it’s pretty old).

You could either vote for the topic that I’ve linked below, or wait until you reach TL2 to create an updated feature request once you’ve contacted a moderator for permission to do so.

Would love to see this in the game as well mate. Hope this helps. Take care!


Well, keep posting, replying and have a good community engangement… and you’ll be there in NO TIME.

BTW, Check the post by @Declan_O :)


For the record, it is against the rules to move a topic for someone who does not meet the required trust level for the destination category.

Please vote on the link that @Declan_O linked earlier. Checkerboard Approach Lights for Kai Tak Thanks!

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