Kai Tak Checkerboard

I’m trying to do the checkerboard approach into Kai Tak today, but I need help finding the actual checkerboard. Does anyone know a spot in the sim that could be the checkerboard?

Sorry but the scenery is at too low of a resolution for it to properly show. I guess just look for a black splotch on the mountain but besides that. I think it’s impossible.


Ooh, that sounds fun! I don’t know the exact location in IF, but I do have the approach chart handy. You can try to match that to the respective VOR’s and waypoints in IF to determine the location. I’ll leave it below.

Good luck!



Is the little rectangle under the checkerboard the runway?

Yes it is.

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My personal tips on the Kai-Tak attack:

  • Don’t worry if you turn a little late or loosely, the runway is really long.

  • Practice your visual work, especially on larger aircraft,

  • Don’t use visual aids (aside from the Checkerboard), just focus on turning to the runway.

  • Just know, it’s easier than you think if you have visual experience. Remember, calibrate your controls, take a few deep breaths, and let it roll!


This is what Tyler used for when Kai Tak was featured a couple months back. It should get you pretty close, if not 100% replicate what the Checkerboard Approach is in real life.


For good practice, I would suggest the Canarsie Visual or VOR Approach on KJFK’s Runway 13R - it has plenty of room, great visual aids, and does the job very well.


Thank you that helps a ton!

@LongHaulGuy Zoom in on the final part of the screenshot provided by @ToasterStroodie

As far as i remember from when VHHX was featured, the checkerboard is just above the waypoint HKMM1

Just loosely follow the FPL and you should be good!

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